Who We Are?

  june 2000
  1,000,000 KWD / 3,500,000 USD
Active Workforce:
Al-Ruwad United General Trading & Contracting Co. is a limited liability company established in the year 2000 by a group of business men veteran in the field of service provision.
Our 8 service branches provide our customers with over 50 different services in the fields of Environment, agriculture, security, sewers, laundry, human resources, cargo & maintenance. Our HR experience and our 4000+ workers' workforce in addition to our commercial connections with foreign Asian, European & middle
"We are now the only company
in Kuwait offering this wide
range of services. Our versatility
is one of its kind "
Mr. Emad Al-Zuhair - GM
eastern markets, enabled us to successfully complete over 700 projects with more than 500 customers, both governmental & private. Al-Ruwad United's journey in the field of services is far from ending as we are striving to explore new markets, provide more services and improve our quality.
8 Service Centers
Our 8 service centers (environmental, security, agricultural, laundry, sewers & roads, cargo, maintenance, & human resources) are currently active in the fields of:

Mohamed Y Zouk
Executive Manager
Hope that Allah bestows his choicest blessings on us, and our company grows stronger every year. Wishing you a Very Happy Ramadan !
Mohamed Y. Zouk
Executive Manager
Hope that Allah bestows his choicest blessings on us, and our company grows stronger every year. Wishing you joy and prosperity on Eid-ul-Fitar!
Mohamad Y. Zouk
Executive manager
Al-Ruwad United is in preparation to enter various Tender bids with a number of ministries, governmental companies & public authorities
- Cities & Buildings Cleaning
- Environmental Pollution Control
- Waste and Debris Transportation
- Handling / Stevedoring
- Insects and Rodents Control
- Buildings & events security
- Camera surveillance & archiving
- Explosives, weapon & metal detecting
- Landscaping & garden design
- Gardens & plants maintenance
- Laundry washing & ironing
- Liquid & solid draining & removal
- Sewerage deblocking
- Manpower providing
Our Mission
Our mission at Al-Ruwad united is to :

- Provide the widest scope, the lowest cost and highest quality possible in the field of environmental, agricultural, security, cleaning & human resources services.

- Meet the demand of the public & private sectors and contribute to the development and prosperity of Kuwait, one project at a time.

Our Vision
- To constantly expand our branches to include wider services scope.

- To become a renown service provider in the MENA region.
"We are pushing forward to explore new markets, more serivces & better quality.
We hope in the few coming years to make a leap in the quality & scope of our services"
Mohamad Y. Zouk - EM
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